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Trying to cast one into the other will lead to a Class Cast Exception. FEBRUARY instead of comparing to the literal 1 3) Years in Date should have 1900 added.

I have this date: ,600 INFO [log] DATE-INSTANCE ,600 INFO [log] YEAR: 109 ,600 INFO [log] MONTH: 1 ,600 INFO [log] DAY: 20 ,600 INFO [log] MINUTE: 0 ,600 INFO [log] HOUR: 0 ,600 INFO [log] SECOND: 0 ,600 INFO [log] string GMT ,600 INFO [log] CALENDAR-INSTANCE ,600 INFO [log] YEAR: 1 ,600 INFO [log] MONTH: 2 ,600 INFO [log] DAY_OF_MONTH: 5 ,600 INFO [log] Time Fri Feb 20 GMT 2009The Value of my Date Instance which is a Instance of Date-Object is set to that date: GMT The Calendar-Instance returns exactly that date when using Time. You cannot cast a Date to a Calendar, or a Calendar to a Date, because those two classes are not related in the class hierarchy. To make it easier, compare to the constants like Calendar. Or should I better cast a Date-Instance to Calendar-Instance, how? But how can I convert /cast a Calendar-Instance to a Date-Instance, when I need the Date? For example Date my Date = new Date(); my Month(Month()+1); But set Month is depraceted, so I should use Calendar.hi, this is praveen, now i have one problem before me. this we can do manually by getting current date & subtracting that from 3.

this is fine if date is in a month or year but when month or year is changed then we need to write lot of code.

so pls help me if any one know's simple solution for this. Note that according to the API docs the Calendar version of roll is broken, but the overridden version in Gregorian Calendar does the right thing.

Thats why I didn't declare cal to be a Calendar in the code above.import *; class Calendario { public static void main(String args[]) { Gregorian Calendar cal = new Gregorian Calendar(); // See note below.

Simple Date Format sdf = new Simple Date Format("dd/MM/yyyy"); Calendar c = Instance(); Time(new Date()); // Now use today date. DATE, 5); // Adding 5 days String output = sdf.format(Time()); println(output); This code does not account for the fact that days are not always 24-hours long.

Technically, this is adding 192 hours rather than 8 days.

May be correct depending on what the situation defines as "days".'public static Date add Remove Days(Date d, int days) { long ltime=Time()+days*24*60*60*1000; return new Date(ltime); } ...