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Since you’re not an independent woman, there will not be enough respect for you in the relationship. Dating is an important social teacher for the strengthening of present and future relationships, whether you are currently involved in a committed relationship or whether you are going on casual dates with many different people.

Dating allows you to explore making a romantic connection with someone within different settings, such as meeting up at the cinnamon roll stand at the mall or going to the movies.Dating a dude like Prezzo can be a hell of an experience for any woman.It comes with its own perks but the disadvantages are limitless.That’s why I would not advise you to try it out — unless you’ve got all the time in the world to waste! No dreams There’s no chance for long term planning; your stay is not predictable. Anyway, if you ever get to have a taste of his lifestyle, here are some of the lessons you’ll come out with…perhaps after a two-week fling? It WAS NOT worth it By the end of it all, you’ll get dumped by the dude — just like he did to his previous women. You might be the side b*tch or be a one-night-stand kinda lady. You are probably there for sexual satisfaction for a couple of months then get dumped. Dating can give you the opportunity to learn how to act and what to say when you are with a romantic partner.

You have the chance to choose and refuse which roles you will adopt in a relationship.

You can explore how it feels to have a romantic partner hold the door open, help you with your coat or pull your chair out for you, even if it is only done on special occasions.

Dating also helps you learn appropriate boundaries, and how to connect with a romantic partner.

When you date, conversations usually involve asking and answering questions about yourself and your dating partner.

Sharing information about yourself, such as your likes and dislikes or your hopes and dreams, helps you to get to know each other better.

Based on how comfortable you are with each other, you are likely to also explore making a physical connection through hugging, kissing or touching and holding hands.

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