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Liquidating 2016 - Adult Chat Rooms

Frequentmiler noted that even when the advertised rebate is for a prepaid Visa, they’ll some times offer a choice to get a Staples gift card rebate (of the same value) instead.Choose this option if you prefer the non-expiring Staples card over the soon-expiring Visa card.

When using online, there is a limit of five Staples gift cards that can be applied to each order.Other times they’ll offer a Staples gift card which can only be used at a Staples store or There used to be a check rebate as well, but we haven’t seen that recently.The prepaid Visa cards get hit with a $3 monthly fee after the first 6-months, so be sure to use it up before then.On the other hand, Staples gift cards never expire.Staples has a rebate system, called the Staples Easy Rebate, which allows us to get rebates on select items purchased from Staples by submitting the rebates online, without the need to mail in any UPC symbols, or anything at all for that matter. Once your Staples Rebate login is setup, all your personal info (name, address) is prefilled, and it takes minutes to submit a rebate online.

It does, however, take a month or two until the rebate comes in the mail.

One of the more popular rebates is $20 back when purchasing $300 in Visa/Mastercard gift cards at Staples; this offer comes up many times over the course of a year.

There are many other rebates offered by Staples as well. At times, Staples will offer a prepaid Visa card which can be used anywhere Visa is accepted.

In-store, you should be able to do more than that in one checkout.

If you don’t think you’ll need the Staples gift card, consider selling it to a gift card exchange.

You can usually yield over 80% of the face value on Staples gift cards though the prices fluctuate.

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