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Heres another question, how come my PC has started correcting my typos and turning them into German words?

When I got shot not so long ago everything changed the instant the gun went off.A split second later the first round had gone into my chest and the second round was on its way.Newtons third law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and various Eastern philosophies teach the same lesson but from a different perspective.Whether we are talking physics or philosophy the message is the same.In this case the reaction to the gun being fired was for me to shoot my assailant in the face with a harpoon ( not the Moby Dick type of harpoon, but one from a sports shop that scuba divers use) I have no recollection of this and had no idea the person in question had sustained what transpired to be fatal and my inability to communicate with people, alas it was not of my making.

Still that was then this is now as my pal billy says, and I hope to get back into the swing of things over the next few weeks if I can persuade the bank and internet company that I have not died AGAIN.

I went through all of this with them before, bloody hell how many times does a bloke have to die before they will believe you are alive.

I will have to ring Mandy in Mumbai and see what the SP is.

Needles to say that the police of the country where all this took place took a dim view of people being shot in the street be it with a hand gun or harpoon.

The investigation was thorough and fair, but it did involve a lot of lawyers of different nationalities and expertise coming and going.

After quite a bit of time a preliminary hearing was set for some legal bod to decide if there was a case to answer and how the whole matter should be dealt with.