Long have nick jonas delta goodrem been dating

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Long have nick jonas delta goodrem been dating - Online sex

The 18-year-old singer - who has previously romanced Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez - was spotted leaving the Arc Light cinema in Los Angeles last night holding hands with the Australian popstar, who is eight years his senior.

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A statement released by their publicist at the time said: "Delta Goodrem and Brian Mc Fadden regretfully announce that they are no longer engaged, and after much consideration, have mutually decided to end their relationship.However, in a rare moment, the 18-year-old future president finally opened up about his 26-year-old Australian girlfriend, Delta Goodrem, during an interview with Good Day New York Aug. Do YOU think Nick and Delta will last for the long haul? Thrilled to be doing what I love and to have someone who cares for me.” Nick and Delta first stepped out as a couple in June, shocking all of their fans.Nick Jonas and his girlfriend Delta Goodrem have been spotted together during their movie date night at Arc Light Hollywood.Nick Jonas, 18 and his singer girlfriend Delta Goodrem, 26 seemed to be going strong as one of the hot couples in Hollywood, after they have been enjoying their multiple dates."This decision has been made with a lot of soul searching from both parties with the realisation that they have grown apart.

They leave the partnership with respect for one and other, wishing each other success and happiness for the future. She looked, sang and performed like the superstar she is.

However, they are still close, with Brian recently taking to twitter after watching his former fiancee perform on 'Dancing With The Stars'.

Some people are quiet when it comes to their relationships, but Nick Jonas stays especially mum when it comes to his love life. Most recently Delta had been engaged, but reportedly broke up with her fiance for Nick.

Many eyebrows were raised, when they were spotted together for the first time.

The couple has shed the rumors that, they have been appearing together several times as a part of publicity stunts and have proved that, they are totally on love with each other.

They did not hinder in flaunting their affection for each other, despite being followed by the paparazzi.