Macdonald consolidating strike

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A list of services affected by the strike is posted on the organization’s website and Facebook page.This map is a deathmatch level played within a Mc Donalds restaurant.This is the most completed version of the map I have so far, however it's certainly not the final copy of it.It includes custom textures, making it quite and interesting map indeed! Extract the Mcdonalds directory (under materials) to your cstrike\materials directory. Extract the and (under maps) to your cstrike\maps directory.The union representing employees at Macdonald Youth Services says emergency services could see an influx of people as workers go on strike Tuesday morning.Manitoba Government Employees Union president Michelle Gawronsky says the work stoppage could force emergency rooms, Child and Family Services after-hours, and shelters to pick up the slack.

A statement on the MYS website states striking employees have been without a collective agreement for the last two years and are asking for, “modest wage and benefits increases over four years.” While essential services are in place, MYS says they have reduced hours and services which will impact the level of care the organization can provide during the strike.

MYS staff operates the Youth Stabilization Unit and other programs for some of Manitoba’s most vulnerable young people.

I'm working on obtaining a program which will allow me to create my own models, and I still can't figure out the transparency color for CS: S to make transparent textures.

I wanted to get a better copy of the map out now because there have been several attempts by people to claim it as their own.

Also, the resource file does not appear to download with the map and without that file the clients can't download the textures needed for the map. ***Server Administrators: The file must be placed in the "maps" directory on the server to allow the clients to download the textures*** Welcome to File Planet, the leading online destination for Counter-Strike Source - Mc Donalds Map downloads and hundreds of thousands of other game files, including demos, patches, mods, trailers, free pc games and more.

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    Features of the new animation system include mid-air collisions, big-time, one-handed catches, hurdles, sideline catches and gang tackling.