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In a powerful instant, Lopez shifted the subject of gender equity and household chores back to the center of dating life.While advances in feminism over the last 40 years have propelled the modern woman out of the kitchen and into the workforce, some wildly outdated expectations linger.

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The clutter so overwhelmed the type A perfectionist (“It had to stop!”) that she set to work, laundering his sheets, cleaning his bathroom—the whole gamut. It was more about me and less about him,” she explained.Did she feel un-feminist in any way washing his underwear? The idea of a mixed load of laundry seems like a perfect analogy for the 50/50 setup Fashion News Writer Steff Yotka has arranged with her live-in boyfriend.They split chores—she is responsible for cleaning all the surfaces and he does all the cooking and grocery shopping—and they even keep the closet sliced down the middle.With a laugh she told me, “He can handle his own clothing.” Chelsea Zalopany, Market Editor, meanwhile, loves to clean.“I like an independent man who can handle his shit,” declared Photo Editor Emily Rosser.

Flipping her blonde hair, arching her eyebrows, my normally angelic-faced, even-keeled colleague transformed into a no-nonsense version of herself. It was a sight to behold, but then again, we were talking serious matters.

A messy boyfriend is hardly a novel dating conundrum—alas, they’ve been around for eons, expecting their significant others to pick up after them.

But the entitled pack rat has been very much on our minds lately after receiving a modern reboot in the form of Jennifer Lopez’s buzzy new video for her song “Ain’t Your Mama.” The pop star and single mother of two stomps out into the middle of the street in Rihanna’s Manolo Blahnik denim holster over-the-thigh boots, asserting she won’t be doing the laundry or the cooking for her video game–playing mama’s boy any longer.

Blaming it on her OCD tendencies, she admits she often finds herself becoming “mami” in relationships.

“But obviously, when you can’t stop yourself from reorganizing kitchen cabinets, it comes off as lady of the house,” she explained.

She has to temper her compulsion to fluff pillows and Swiffer the floors before she finds her guy becoming far too comfortable with the arrangement, enabling entitled behavior and preempting resentment on her end.