Matt and megan dating in the dark

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Matt and megan dating in the dark - Adult Chat Rooms

First ladies: Kelsea, Hayley, Christine, Taryn Front runner: Hayley Did the other girls stand a chance when this little ray of sunshine showed up in a yellow fedora and those bambi eyes?Don’t let her looks deceive you, the girl dreams of butchery.

Farmer: Julz First ladies: Megan, Alex, Mel, Amanda Dating prerequisites: Must crack tinnies on the reg. Despite this however, my bet is that Megan will be quickly shafted to the friend zone in favour of dark-horse, Mel.Farmer: Jedd Wives: Kerry, Nicole, Chanel, Samantha Dating prerequisites: Must enjoy oysters with a side of cheesy pick-up lines.Front runner: Samantha Poor nervous Jedd had a tough run on his speed dates, clamming up at the best of times but Samantha had him “transfixed in her eyes”.She seems softly spoken and genuinely into his awkward persona so fingers crossed she makes it to the end.The best part of episode one is sniggering at the dating disasters but also witnessing the blossoming romances.The farmers made their toughest decision of the series in sending home half the hopeful wives, but are now left with the crème de la crop.

Based on first dates only, these are our predictions for this season of The Farmer Wants a Wife.

Farmer: Adam Dating prerequisites: Must be 10/10 as cute as Adam and also okay with killing cattle.

Front runner: Megan Big, bad Julz is looking for a lady who loves a beer, and low and behold Megan produces a stubby cooler. Farmer Matt First ladies: Gabrielle, Amelia, Anna, April Dating prerequisites: Proficient at gym spotting.

Front runner: Amelia Despite her farm fashion faux pas and difficult entrance in stilettos, lawyer Amelia had farmer Matt in raptures.

Matt also admitted her application was his number one pick.

A supporter of the underdog though, I’m holding out hopes for cute as pie Gabrielle.

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