Milo confirms dating hayden

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Milo confirms dating hayden - Sex Chat

A future Hiro Nakamura travels back in time to visit Peter Petrelli on a crowded subway in New York City. After conversing with Peter for a moment, Hiro tells Peter that there is a message for him.

He tells Peter the message: "Save the cheerleader, save the world." Hiro tells Peter to go see Isaac because Isaac will understand.He points out that there is one painting missing, which Isaac says Simone has.During the Union Wells Homecoming, Sylar arrives to kill the cheerleader who has the special abilities.However, upon entering the school, he sees a newspaper clipping about Jackie receiving an award for rescuing a man at the train wreck; Sylar assumes that Jackie is the cheerleader he wants.When he tracks the girls down in the locker room, he grabs Jackie by the throat and telekinetically opens her skull to obtain her brain.He also tells Peter that when Hiro calls, Peter needs to tell Hiro where to meet. Peter receives Hiro's call, and tells Hiro that there is a message for him. He tells them, "Save the cheerleader, save the world." Ando asks where the cheerleader is, but neither Peter nor Isaac knows.

Peter tells them about "Future Hiro" and that he was told to save the cheerleader.

Peter tells the men from Tokyo to get to New York so they can find the cheerleader together, and then their conversation ends.

Peter then fits Isaac's paintings together, realizing they're telling a story like a comic book.

Jackie's last word to Claire is "run..." Claire runs into Peter in the school halls as they are pursued by Sylar.

They climb up the bleachers outside of the school as Peter and Sylar fight.

As Claire manages to escape, both men fall off the top of the bleachers and are severely injured.