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The world’s only 7 star hotel (as of 2006) and very popular Burj Al Arab was constructed under his supervision during this time.He also led the Dubai Palm Islands project and Burj Dubai (supposed to be finished around 2009) which is going to be the world’s tallest building.

In the mid 2000s he and his government advisors realized that Dubai will soon run out of oil (oil was never a big component of Dubai’s GDP) and that it could only sustain so much of its trading activities.Trading (like anything else) would eventually peak at some point right?So the Sheikh formed a master plan to diversify what Dubai has to offer to the world.He took all the wealth reserves and invested it in transforming Dubai into a city for tourist and sports.Because of tourism and sports, Dubai attracted many foreigners who realized the opportunity of doing business in Dubai. Expect to see similar types of projects year in year out.Soon Dubai offered all kinds of tax breaks for companies to do business there and before you know the new Dubai city was built. They are running out of space so fast that they are building land on water by dumping sand. It is safe to say that Dubai’s true transformation started when Sheikh Mohammed was crowned prince of Dubai in 1995.

Very bad for the environment I’m sure but very good for Dubai. He became the official ruler of Dubai in 2006 when his older brother passed away.

What’s interesting however is that he pretty much ran the show in Dubai for 10 years prior to his rulership because his brother was sick.

He is the mastermind behind Dubai’s sudden and rapid success.

He is the third of four brothers and was born on July 22, 1949.

Sheikh Mohammed is also the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

But before all that, he is the ruler of the great Dubai city (all as of 2006).