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Mongolian no registration dating - Free Online

Next maintenance fees for subsequent periods shall be paid within six months in advance for each period.

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National Phase of PCT: under Chapter 1: 31 months; under Chapter II: 31 months.Validity: issued after formal and full examination - valid for 20 years.Annuities: the first three years are paid with the grant of the application, and must be paid each year thereafter.Opposition: possible within three months after publication of the application.Since 1990, Mongolia embarked on the road of transition from the centrally planned economy to the market economy relations.During the years of economic reform, a legal environment towards a market economy has been established and gradual macro-economy policy measures have been undertaken.

To obtain a filing date, it is necessary to provide the Intellectual Property Office of Mongolia with the request to grant a patent in Mongolia, description of an invention, patent claim(s) and drawings (if any).

The maintenance fees for the first three years shall be paid in a lump sum within six months from the date of the decision to grant a patent.

If a notice of opposition is received or a dispute arises, the grant of a patent is put off until its settlement. Obligation to use the registered mark: no longer required since June 10, 2010.

Kinds of protection: verbal, pictorial and other designations or their combination. Nominal use can be accepted in absence of actual use.

Duration - renewals: 10-year period after the filing date or last renewal date.

Opposition: may be filed within one year from the publication date.

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