New dating of nativity and crucifixion

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During the last century the Gospels, as regards their composition, credibility and historicity, were subjected to the most searching and unsparing criticism which, though intimations of it were previously not wanting, may be said to have begun when Strauss, to use Liddon's words, "shocked the conscience of all that was Christian in Europe" by the publication of his first Life of Jesus. The Harmonies of Theophilus, bishop of Antioch (168-80 AD), and of Tatian, and the Apology of Justin Martyr carry back the tradition to a much earlier period of the century, and, as Liddon proves at considerable length (Bampton Lectures, 2nd ed., 210-19), "it is scarcely too much to assert that every decade of the 2nd century furnishes its share of proof that the four Gospels as a whole, and John's in particular, were to the church of that age what they are to the church of the present." The recent attempt of Professor Bacon of Yale to get rid of the important authority of Irenaeus (The Fourth Gospel in Research and Debate, New York, 1910) will not succeed; it has been shown to be merely assertive where there is no evidence and agnostic where evidence is apparently demonstrative.

The Protevangelium of James (noticed below) is still held by some as possibly falling within the 1st century (EB, I, 259). Canonical Gospels: However this may be, there can be no doubt that by the close of the 1st century and the early part of the 2nd century, opinion was practically unanimous in recognition of the authority of the four Gospels of the canonical Scriptures. The number of such gospels is very considerable, amounting to about fifty. In the days of the reproduction of documents by manuscript, of restricted communications between different localities, and when the church was only as yet forming and completing its organization, the formation and spread of such gospels would be much easier than now. This is not the place for entering upon an account of the controversy; it may be sufficient here to say that the traditional positions of the church have been ably defended, and in particular, that the claims of the canonical Gospels have been abundantly maintained. Apocryphal Gospels: Whatever was the fate of the ante-Lukan and other possible 1st-century gospels, it is with the 2nd century and the formation of an authoritative canon that the apocryphal gospels, such as we now have, for the most part begin to appear. The methods pursued in this work consisted largely in the application to the sacred books, and especially to the Gospels, of the principles of criticism that had for forty years previously been used in estimating the structure and composition of some of the literary products of antiquity; and the controversy excited by this criticism can hardly yet be said to have subsided. More recent criticism does not allow so early an appearance for those gospels, though a fairly early date is still postulated for the Gospel of the Hebrews.

Scholars of repute--Grotius, Grabe, Mill--were in earlier times disposed to place the Gospel of the Hebrews, the Gospel of the Ebionites, and the Gospel of the Egyptians among those alluded to by Luke, some holding the Gospel of the Hebrews to be as early as just after the middle of the 1st century.

Whether any of these ante-Lukan documents are among those still known to us is hardly longer doubtful.

Gospels of the Passion and Resurrection (a) Gospel of Peter (as above) (b) Gospel of Nicodemus (1) Ac of Pilate (2) Descent of Jesus into the Lower World (c) Other Fabrications _LITERATURE_ The apocryphal gospels form a branch of the apocryphal literature that attended the formation of the New Testament canon of Scripture. Besides gospels, this literature included acts, epistles and apocalypses. It was dissatisfaction with these compositions that moved Luke to write his Gospel.

Gospels of the Infancy or Childhood (a) Gospel of Thomas (b) Arabic Gospel of the Childhood 3. These were probably derived, or professed to be derived, from the oral reports of those who had seen, heard, and, it may be, conversed with our Lord.

Gospels of the Nativity (a) Protevangelium of James (b) Pseudo-Matthew (c) The Nativity of Mary (d) Gospel of Joseph the Carpenter (e) The Passing of Mary 2. Early Gospels: The introduction to the third canonical Gospel shows that in the days of the writer, when the apostles of the Lord were still living, it was a common practice to write and publish accounts of the acts and words of Jesus. Baring-Gould, Lost and Hostile Gospels, xxiii, London, 1874) that at the close of the 1st century, almost every church had its own gospel with which alone it was acquainted.

These exist mainly in fragments and scattered notices; though some, as pointed out below, are either entire or nearly so.

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