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One of my besties is going through it at the minute and it got me thinking about the whole thing. Can it ever be more than him trying to thumb in a softie at the end of a night out, failing miserably then having sex the following morning where you can’t even look at each other coz both your breaths smell like shite.And what happens next, when he meets someone, when you tell him you want more than a “you out tonight” text…Is it worth losing the friend that gave you these benefits?

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Choose the number of your desire and dial away; we have over thirty Irish sex lines waiting for you call. Pin valid for 6 months She put the black strap on on and rammed the cock right up to the hilt, it felt good as she began shafting in and out, oh the little bitch I thought, I can't wait for my turn shes going to cry with delight. But everyone at some stage has had the Friend With Benefits, the Bootay Call, the “dya want to come up and lick my fanny, we don’t even have to kiss beforehand” situation. I love fellas who treat me like shite, who have the mental age of a digestive biscuit or who just aren’t that into me.GAY BYRNE DEFINITELY covered plenty of topics when he was fronting The Late Late Show.But we doubt you’ve ever seen a moment from the show look quite like this.

Newbridge based animator Glenn O’Neill has taken a moment when a Mayo man called in to chat with a sex therapist and animated it.

Now you can see how a cartoon of Mayo man attempts to ask some tricky sex questions on national TV.

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