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A lot of people aren’t gonna wanna read this, but some are gonna have to with an open mind. April Efff (or April Fletcher) is a lying vengeful ex who’s setting out to destroy Toby’s career. Given the insane amount of claims over the past weeks and the amount of contradictions found in April’s story, I’ve decided to mount it all onto one single Tumblr post.

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The way she insults Toby’s ex and current girl at the time, insults Toby’s fans, and overall shows obvious signs of jealousy, it’s clear she’s no saint. Who had other girls on their mind rather than just one girl?Toby doesn’t tweet April after 2013, yet April still tweets Toby even after the date she says she stopped talking with him.When April tweets Toby just four months ago, and five months after she said she stopped talking to him, and even multiple times in a buddy/flirty way; Every Tweet of April to Toby (https://twitter.com/search? Toby’s mom defended Toby and said April lived with her, was jealous of Olga, that she left with her real boyfriend, and that she threatened to steal his fans.(Toby’s mom’s full response) https://pbs.twimg.com/media/Cfls Tdi VAAARyn_People like to discount Toby’s mom because she said Toby doesn’t take drugs and that he never dated April. There are only a few scenarios to choose from if these messages are, in fact real. The message clearly states that she “made it home”.q=from%3AApril Efff%20to%3AToby Turner&src=typd&lang=en) …and be mostly ignored by Toby, it’s no surprise that she’d be more into him than he was with her. But she obviously had no idea about Toby’s problem or that he was dating April seeing as they were dating on and off. By her flawed logic, she texted Toby at his house about drugging her at his house before leaving his house. 1 April actually texted Toby at his house about drugging her. Yet in April’s Tumblr post, she claims it was the next afternoon. When I questioned her about being too weak to go to the hospital, she barked at me with this; Emotionally weak? She’s copping out all over the place with her damage control.Meaning, people in the background would easily miss out if they blinked. Now that you know a little bit more about April, and more than she wants you to, let’s delve into her contradictory claims. Her texts “proof”.“Talk to you in a couple days” They literally meet up the next day at a party. Besides the fact that text messages can EASILY be faked, there’s also time inconsistencies. As if texting someone at their own house makes any sense.2. Something so significant as leaving in your car the next afternoon can’t be mistaken, no matter how screwed up you were. Not only was she not fucked up enough to go to a party, but here’s April tweeting about the event ONE day after the party about how “seductive” Toby is. So, basically, if you follow April’s logic, while she was fucked up on MDMA for 3 days, the reason she couldn’t go to the hospital was because she was all in her feels.It’s also clear that she was more attached to Toby more than he was attached to her. If you were to analyze this, Toby left and dated another girl for 2 years, and April was just starting to get over him and starting to date someone else.

Especially given a response she made to someone back in August 2015. Even in April’s Tumblr post, she states that she still loved Toby even after the rape.

Besides her post, Toby didn’t seem to care about April as much as she says.

Given the amount of girl’s he’s banged, it’s impossible he had her on his mind 90% of the time.

She says in her Tumblr post that after being drugged on the 26 of February, she was able to drive a car the next afternoon from Toby’s house. April was so hammered she wasn’t sure whether she left the next afternoon. April was present enough to remember that her roommates were in the kitchen and the lie she told them, and that she was too weak to go to the hospital.3. And even in the tweet above about about the party on the 28, she agreed that she’d be able to move any day that wasn’t the 3 days she was so fucked up. Not because she was as “fucked up” as she said she was. She seemed to have held a grudge when he performed at Playlist.

It was a mistake, and April actually meant the next morning. A significant point that doesn’t add up with her “proof” is now a mistake. She couldn’t have been emotionally weak, because there’s nothing that leads up to that. Even in her texts, she says she’s still fucked up and “can’t function”. You don’t say one thing, and say another, and mean what you say the second time. And that’s another reason why taking this to court would be suicide for her. If a toy triggers you to write a Tumblr post about someone who raped you, you didn’t “kinda love him”. April tweeting to Toby just five months after she claims she stopped talking to him.

Covering a lie with a mistake is the oldest trick in the book. While she says she saw him this January not by choice in her excuses, she literally responded to him just four months ago (following the date of my post). So, tweeting your rapist 4 months ago about a television show you told him about wasn’t traumatizing, yet seeing a toy of him the day before you accuse him of rape was? And to feed the fire, on that same day she favorites a tweet mentioning him. But it still doesn’t explain the flirty-esque in the tweet. As if they all come from a text argument they both had. But what would she consider i Justine and Tara Babcock? Unless, Tobys really good at ignoring what he gripes, or this is just an attempt at making Toby seem crazier than he really is. She likely had this detail in before she decided to say that she stopped talking to Toby 2 years ago. Videos of her calling him cute, being bubbly towards him, having a blast while playing Super Mario World with him early 2014 (click link) going to his Birthday Party, still posting about him after the date she says she stopped talking with him.

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