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“I’d wake up next to him and he’d be sitting up on bed scrolling through stories and reviews about himself on his i Phone... That’s how wannabe starlet Devorah Rose described Rushdie after their short-lived entanglement, which he vociferously denied.

Stepping out with a mystery brunette, who dazzled in a shimmering gold frock, the 68-year-old turned heads at the Vanity Fair party as he made a rare public appearance on Academy Awards night in California.He now lives in New York and is due to deliver the first Eudora Welty Lecture at Washington National Cathedral at the end of this year, which will serve as a tribute to the late American short story writer. Quite possibly, if these photos of him nuzzling Scarlett Johansson's neck in her new music video are anything to go by.The controversial author, who it's fair to say is not classically handsome, makes a cameo appearance in the 23-year-old actress-turned-singer's Falling Down, the first single from her upcoming album of Tom Waits covers.That Salman Rushdie is one of our greatest contemporary writers is not the point of contention here.But if you look beyond all that immense literary talent, Rushdie the man, fails to impress equally.

Going by the accounts of his impressive list of ex-wives and girlfriends – and at times his own memoir Joseph Anton – the man seems to be that exemplary guy mothers warn their daughters about.

That’s what Rushdie apparently told the most famous of his wives, Padma Lakshmi, when she refused sex because of a painful medical condition.

While he painted her as someone with “majestic narcissism”, Lakshmi in her memoir Love, Loss and What We Ate, says that Rushdie is jealous, egoistic and needed sex frequently.

When his glamorous wife was pictured on the cover of Newsweek, and delightedly showed the magazine to Mr Rushdie, he responded by saying, “The only time Newsweek put me on their cover was when someone was trying to put a bullet in my head.” After his divorce with Padma Lakshmi, among the many women Rushdie dated was American actress Pia Glenn.

According to her accounts, published in Daily Mail, the author pursued her for months, but backed out soon after she fell in love and moved in with him.

Glenn found him still obsessed with Padma and wearing a huge ego on his sleeve.