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He didn't want to talk about his family -- he said a rough childhood left him estranged from them, and besides, they lived across the country. We're smart, funny, attractive, and have learned some things about life and the world. So why are men still pulling this, and why are women left playing detective? More than ever, men are feeling disenfranchised and insecure.Even if they're employed and earning as much or more than they used to (although many of them aren't), the masculine ideal of the "breadwinner" has taken a severe hit since the 1970s, and even more so in the past ten years, as Hanna Rosin pointed out in her wildly popular article "The End of Men." Because he has less of a chance than ever of fulfilling that ideal, he's . If he feels that her world doesn't revolve around him, that she's not going to offer the level of validation he's seeking, he'll disappear and find someone who does.2. Women no longer require a man to have a child or support that child, which if I were a man, I think would leave me feeling a little irrelevant.

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After several weeks of dating, they'd made the decision to be exclusive. Angie thought she'd done everything you're supposed to do when you meet a guy you can see yourself being with for a while.Which is why too many unreturned calls and emails later, Angie couldn't believe that he had vanished into thin air.There had been a couple of red flags, but the excuses he gave seemed to make "perfect" sense: In the two months they'd been dating, she never went to his place -- he said his condo in a trendy Manhattan neighborhood was being renovated.They hadn't friended each other on Facebook -- he wanted to build intimacy through real life interactions. Not only was it like he had ceased to exist, his disappearing act negated all of the time they spent together -- time she now felt was a complete waste. It's one thing to be "ghosted" by a hot skateboarder when you're 17, but now ? We're grown women, with degrees we've earned, homes we own, and jobs we love.There are varying degrees of Casperian behavior, I've found. Searching the annals of my dating past, I realized that I've been ghosted a couple times by men.Exhibit A: My friend Jane (all names have been changed) calling to tell me that the guy she'd gone home with the night before had vanished. When I was 17, I dated a hot skateboarder who would literally say, "I'll be ghost," before he took off.

(It was the 90s, and I think this was a line from a rap song.) After dating me for about three or four months and getting close to my mom, this boyfriend told me he had to "visit family in Virginia." After waiting about 2 months without a word, I realized he was never coming back. I found out later that he'd moved in with his ex-girlfriend somewhere down south. I'd been out with her and this guy several times, and each time he was kind, generous, doting to my friend and gracious to me.

I'm loathe to use the word "perfect" when it comes to romantic escapades, but by all accounts, it had seemed like Angie had met her match. She hadn't slept with him immediately so she could make sure there was more to the relationship than sex - but the sex, when they had it, was good.

Has dating really devolved into something so cynical?

And why is it the man who's always pulling the disappearing act?

I don't know whether it was the noir-inspired hair, or the fact that I read too many Agatha Christie books as a kid, but suddenly, I became obsessed with figuring out the key to this mystery.

Fortunately, or maybe unfortunately, I had to look no further than my own friends, and my own dating dalliances for cases that would give me some insight into what I call The Casper Effect. " As many of us know from experience, Then there's the more shameless Casper.