Online dating site no credit card

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Online dating site no credit card - Free Online

In order to activate your FREE PROFILE at Lesbian Lexicon, you will need to click on the link in that Email. If you do not receive a verification Email within 15 minutes, please contact Leslie I've been told to get to the point, so I will : Welcome to what, in just over a year, has become the premiere online meeting place for Lesbians around the world.

The profile claimed to be from California, however the IP address associated with it was from India. So the person was trying to promote their website, no big woop.If a fake profile or Poser-male is discovered, that profile is promptly deleted from our database and their IP address is banned.Yes, this results in our database looking smaller, but at the end of the day, our members are real Lesbians looking to chat with other failed to mention, however, was that there was a catch. In this particular instance, the website operators obtained your contact information as well as personal data.They would then use your profile to make it look like their "" has a large member base.The problem I had was more with regard to the website.When I checked it out, I noticed quite a large number of online members.

The second thing I noticed was a whole wack-o-pics of "members" from my area.

So I logged onto a VPN in Vancouver and noticed the same "members" were suddenly living in Vancouver.

hmmmm, looks to me like they designed their site to make it look like I had a shot in hell of finding someone on their website in question seemed to me more focused on the Hetro crowd, I guess I was out of luck for meeting up with fake singles anyways.

Lesbian Lexicon is different, we do not post fake profiles because that is just unfair to those seriously seeking love. This is a Lesbian Social Networking site with free Lesbian Personals and dating options, men simply do not fit in.

We also feel honesty is important which is why when we say membership to Lesbian Lexicon is 100% free, we mean it. So, unlike many other sites out there, we do not bait you with a featureless profile which does nothing but boost our member stats and then try to sell you on an upgrade just to be able to send a simple message to another member.

Note, all our members are real, so you will not waste your time sending messages to fake profiles.

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    Although we offer chat rooms for adults we do have many teens that visit the site so please respect our site. Never allow users to view your webcam unless you know them well.