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The Valley was full of unprepossessing condos with sparsely-decorated rooms — webcams and laptops balancing on the ends of every bed.


I watched her giggle and flirt with unseen men, yawning and frowning whenever she turned away from the camera.It also meant I could change my outfit if someone asked (they occasionally did) and duck out for a snack whenever I felt like it.I was getting more popular on the site, so I was getting a steady stream of guys through my public chat area."Say something in English," they all implored me, and that's how I found out that probably half of the other models on the site were Russian girls working from cubicle farms in the Ukraine, banging out orgasms for two dollars a minute.I loved talking to them about their fantasies, and I loved seeing them masturbate through grainy cameras trained on laps sitting in swivel computer chairs.It was the most customer service-oriented job I'd ever had: I had to be engaged, teasing, and friendly, while still managing to take down the guys who were just there to waste my time or get a freebie.

I had to maintain several conversations at once in the public chat area — where the guys all liked to hang out before someone took me "private," where my video went visible to him only and his credit card was getting charged — and act like all of them were equally engaging.

After I started working from home, I was making more money for fewer hours, since I no longer had to give a cut to the agency.

Eventually she booted me into my own room and left me alone with the laptop.

My first client that night was a guy named John who just wanted to talk. When we finished, I was $270 richer, and he felt like he knew me.

Those clients seemed like such a cliché: The lonely guys who were looking for a pretend girlfriend for a couple of hours. The cam site was set up so they could see and hear me, but all I saw of them was typed words on a screen; I sometimes imagined their voices as being polite and calm, especially the ones who spelled everything correctly.

They asked me about my day, how my schoolwork was going (for the sake of the cams, I was a 22-year-old grad student), and, if they got down to any sexual requests, it was with a hint of apology. Sometimes, a client had a camera and asked if I'd like to see them. I just loved taking off my clothes and sucking on my fingers.

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