Outlook resource calendar not updating

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Outlook resource calendar not updating - Free Online

If you're having issues syncing using i Tunes on your PC, consider setting up i Cloud for Windows instead.It is the simplest way to keep all of your contacts, calendar, notes, and documents up to date across all of your devices.

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With i Cloud, you can access your contacts from your i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, computer, or at i If you prefer to sync using i Tunes, then follow the steps below to resolve the issue.Run the ‘i Phone/i Pod touch sync test’ using i Tunes Diagnostics while your device is connected to i Tunes.If the test passes, apply the sync in i Tunes again.If your contacts or calendars still don’t sync as expected, there could be an issue with your Windows user account, your Outlook profile, or the data itself.If all your content synced correctly, the issue is likely related to the specific user account your are trying to sync. If your content didn’t sync as expected, try running the "i Phone/i Pod touch sync" test using i Tunes Diagnostics while your device is connected to i Tunes. If your data still doesn’t sync with the new user, apply the steps for system-wide issues.

Instead of syncing, you can opt to replace all contact or calendar data on your i OS device with the data in your Outlook profile.

First, confirm the Outlook data in your Outlook profile on your computer is all accurate.

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