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Some may think it's wrong for men to wear pantyhose I'm a person that thinks it's ok, but you will never see me wear any ear rings. I guess because you've never been required to wear them before, you might see them as a novelty.But that's ok if they like that I'm not going to say anything to them. It's exactly what I keep saying let whomever wants to wear it wear it, and those that don't want to fine by me too. Men can wear pantyhose and put up with the runs, the snags, and the itching if they're also willing to carry and deliver babies. But once its about whether you can work at a job or not, you might see them differently. Go home and change into a pair, go across the street to buy a pair, or go home for the day.

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But that's ok too, we need low WATTAGE people so that those with higher WATTAGE can move ahead. We spend our days in pantyhose and can't wait to get home so we can take them off. She said pantyhose were in the dress code for our workplace. And its not a bad place to work in all other respects.closest I have got to wearing out is cutting my grass but them is pretty safe.I do love the high gloss ones its not a fetish with me its a piece of clothing I love to wear wish I could wear openly in good taste Pls note that tights are for anyone not for women for anyone like women, men, children that can wear tights as legs pump fast blood flow from heart that very important also keep out from bug bites on yer legs which show red spots or mark and sit too long is very risky as clots usual develop and block lung airway.. Sam,it depends on the person :) Some men wear pantyhose because of the silky feeling or out of medical reasons, however they won't often admit in fear of appearing different, feminine..and gay :) Speaking of appearing gay - some straight men are curious about wearing pantyhose but are afraid to appear kinky.

Some countries do have the MANtyhose-trend such as in Australia. I wear pantyhose because I love the way they feel and look on my legs.

Yes I like to wear with shorts,when I wear under my levies they feel good they massage my legs.

"Men can wear pantyhose and put up with the runs, the snags, and the itching if they're also willing to carry and deliver babies." Ok, Katie. Seriously, when you're in pantyhose 8-12 hours a day, because it required, you'll view them differently. We have to wear pantyhose, but some days, we just imagine that we don't have them on, or we try not to focus on them.

I enjoy wearing pantyhose and tights their a piece of clothing I love to wear the support they give my legs to the look of my legs when wearing the warmth on cold days I wear all colors and styles.

I don't wear openly cause of closed minded people with their name calling and ridicule.

After all men wore long before women back in the days of henry the 8th.

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