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Pinoy sex talk - Online sex

category: Personal Journals Cute Pinoy is an all male online Social Organization that build brotherhood for an advocacy.It is a social Network Site , Blog and LGBTQIA Portal launched on April 1,2010 - an intention of gathering the Global Filipinos and Filipinos at heart to create distinctive friendship.

Human Relation Approach is the main objectives of Cute Pinoy where in we gave emphasis of A good way relationship between man's innumerable issues.2/12/2015After the success of the phone interview with "Boy Shiatsu" - done by Migs of "Manila GAY guy" Migs decides to conduct a live interview with the man behind "Boy Shiatsu" - the famous blogger/sex…No, it’s not fair, but what you do in bed, what you like in bed, what you prefer in bed, what you do in the darkness or the florescent or incandescent or red lantern-reminiscent lighting of your bedroom (or brothel of choice), it’s only a bit part of who you are—but it’s everything you are, to the world.The world, it needs to know, it demands to know: Are you man or woman, male or female, two choices and no more, as far as legal papers and official documents go (and outside of those papers, they need to know: are you gay, curious, confused, in denial, in hiding? Also, are you single, married, separated or, in other words, are you sleeping with someone in a way that is “honored” or recognized by the Church, the government, the company you wish to work for, the country you wish to visit, the bank in which you wish to keep your money, the license you seek to do anything—to drive, to practice your profession, etc.? Private yet public, exalted yet vulgar, carnal yet spiritual, a cause of joy and a source of shame, both selfless and selfish, a momentary pleasure whose results or consequences last generations, from Adam and Eve to the Second Coming, if the Second Coming truly is going to be what it says it’s going to be in the Book of Revelations (and that’s just being biblical about it), or from the first of humans who ventured out of Africa to the Ends of the Earth, the end of the world as we know it.I’m not trying to make a mountain out of a molehill, but maybe we are as a here for i Tunes Store link click here for rss 10/25/2015“I don’t pay for love but I pay for enjoyment” said Bb. She is the blogger behind of the most visited “Todo sa Bongga” blogsite.

Cute Pinoy Portal interviewed her impromptu during the…

2/14/2015In this last episode for Vakentine’s special , Podcaster Nathan meets four random people with extra ordinary stories.

They met in a restaurant located in Technohub Quezon City for the interview.

What difference does it make that a man likes to put on strappy high heels when the mood strikes him?

What difference does it make if a woman likes to sniff another woman’s personal scent behind the ears?

And what if a man loves a man and a woman loves a woman?