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Polish women dating uk - Online sex

This expression gave rise to the phrase apple polishing.The idiom alludes to the practice of schoolchildren bringing their teacher the gift of a bright, shiny apple. 1920] Close attention to appearance and order, as in With a little spit and polish this house will sell very quickly.

There it also came to mean "too much attention to appearance, and not enough to more important concerns," as in The commander is so concerned with spit and polish that he overlooks the crew's morale. Alenia Aermacchi added : "Alenia Aermacchi is expecting that the potential technology and workload centered around the M-346 success in AJT (advanced jet trainer) acquisition could trace the path for a strong and successful cooperation between Alenia Aermacchi and the Saturday School has got off to a great start and we are looking forward to strengthening our links with the Welsh culture and community in the coming years by exchanging customs, cultures and traditions.Finish or dispose of, especially quickly and easily.For example, We polished off the pie in no time, or If everyone helps, we can polish off this job today.This usage, dating from the early 1800s, came from boxing, where it originally meant "to defeat an opponent quickly and easily." By the 1830s it was used more generally.Try to win favor through flattery, as in It may help your standing with the boss if you polish the apple.[Late 1800s] Ugly or useless despite an attractive appearance.

This phrase, which is most often heard in “You can put nail polish on a hangnail, but it's still a hangnail,” can be used in all sorts of situations .

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