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Stanislaus High School, he is famous for Hindi Films in a career that spans 1988–present. Born Abdul Rashid Salim Salman Khan on 27th December, 1965 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India and educated at St. Born Preity Durganand Zinta on 31st January, 1975 in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh and educated at Convent of Jesus and Mary boarding school in Shimla, she is famous for Modelling in a career that spans 1998–present.

Today, she’s is seen as one helluva successful owner in the cutthroat world of IPL. How true are the rumours about you leasing your apartment and going bankrupt? Nobody can use and abuse me at their whim and fancy. Why did your relationship with Shandar, who reportedly regarded you as a daughter, go sour? I just didn’t want him to spend his money on making a movie with me on Meena Kumari’s life. When you know who you are, when you have seen the world, you can make for an incredible mother. She’s no bra-burning feminist but advises new girls to hold on to their clothes and not just turn into bikini babes. We’re excited to have Virendra Sehwag on board, he’s a dynamic and destructive player. I don’t like to talk about my relationships because you are still dragging about my last one. I’d do anything for him because I respect him and admire him as a human being. She says she’s happy without ex-Ness Wadia and doesn’t really need a man. We’re also happy to have Mitchell Johnson, George Bailey, Glen Maxwell, Thisara Perera, Shawn Marsh and David Miller, whom we call Miller The Killer! Almost in the same breath, she confesses seeing someone but won’t name him as she’s tired of her personal life being played out in the tabloids. Have controversies affected the morale of your team? It hasn’t affected us because we have been pretty straight and clean. There’s someone else in my life and I am happy about it. It’s not an ideal situation but it’s also not the worst. Unruffled by the debacle of Ishkq In Paris, she will be seen in Bhayyaji Superhitt, Happy Ending and other projects. I don’t believe all of cricket is bad, there might be one or two characters. She’s held her own despite the charges levelled at her outfit and emerged strong. I’d like to win the trophy, wash it with Dettol or some antiseptic, because it has gone through so many hands… I have lived in this house for the past 10 years and I’m not going anywhere. Today, if I say that Brad Pitt is leaving Angelina Jolie for me, will you carry it as news or will you seek confirmation from Brad Pitt? There’s a certain respect I command and have earned through the years. I helped Mr Amrohi buy a house, where I used to go and visit him. I asked him to write a script and I’d get him Katrina Kaif, who is one of the biggest stars today or any other actress. It’s so wonderful that Ash (Aishwarya) is so much into her little girl (Aaradhya) and that she’s a hands-on mom.

But then, Preity Zinta has been known for both her beauty and her balls. I’m not a bumblebee that if I fly off nobody will know. Besides running a cricket team, I’ve other investments too. Three days after this report, I went to the IPL auction and everyone was like is everything alright? But I’m not laughing about it now because people are asking me strange questions. What is your clarification on the Shandar Amrohi controversy? Why did you take this matter to court two years after Shandar Amrohi’s death? I didn’t want him to spend his money just because he had it. I wanted him to live the rest of his life with dignity. Sussanne was my first friend from the industry, even before I became an actress. I’ve always maintained that I want to get married and have kids.

She was once crowned as the ‘only man in the industry’, thanks to her testimony against the underworld. Firstly, I don’t want to talk negatively about anyone. All the money that he had fought for would go in making a movie. Has moving to the IPL affected you friendships in the industry? Last I saw Shah Rukh was when the door fell on him during the shoot of Happy New Year. You were once dubbed ‘the only man’ in the industry.

She’s also taken the property dispute with the late Shandar Amrohi’s family head-on. My relationships are not based on how many times I call my friends and which parties I attend. Like Salman (Khan) for me is the ultimate, in terms of the person he is and the friend he has been. But we don’t really speak much, apart from occasional BBM messages. Three days later he was at an event, a wedding and here and there. I respect Aamir for doing Satyameva Jayate and going out of his way to make a difference. Your advice to young girls with starry aspirations... Don’t limit yourself by rules that others make because rules are meant to be broken. Think about the implications and don’t agree to just be an object of desire.

Her never-say-die approach make her a living, breathing woman of today than a perked up Barbie. I’m glad they are out of the game and have faced tough consequences. Well, as much as I love cricket, the elections are more important. But we’re going to come back here and hold the other half of the tournament in India. It is the same as it is with Mohit Burman and Karan Paul, my other team co-owners.

I feel bad because our fans have emotionally invested in the game. Everyone’s beating BCCI and saying nasty things about them. They’ve assured us that if things go beyond a certain point; they’ll make sure that the franchises don’t lose money.

How is your relationship with Ness Wadia (co-owner of Kings XI Punjab) today?

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