Problems updating k750i firmware

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Problems updating k750i firmware - Free Online

If your phone has just got standard Sony Ericsson screensavers and icons, then it can be assumed that your phone is not branded. Optus will tend to replace the startup screen with an 'Optus Zoo" picture, change the 'more' key on the bottom right on the screen to a 'optus zoo' button, the wallpaper is Optus Zoo, and change the icon 'internet services' to 'optus zoo' (but it basically does the same thing). The screensaver can be changed to any image, or simply disabled altogether. The only things that can't be changed are the Optus Zoo hot button on the standby screen and the Optus Zoo icon in the main menu.

(YES, YOU READ CORRECTLY) you will not be able to use ANY mp3's as ringtones (Some have reported that they are able to), as Vodafone have disabled this so that people can ONLY download their ringtones off the Vodafone Live website, or use Vodafone DRM'ed media (mp3s or the like).NOTE: Two Whirlpooleans, Neo and canned Ham have been able to successfully use MP3's as their ringtones on their Vodafone Branded k750i's.Vodafone's firmware is also alot more difficult to remove.UPDATE: Vodafone no longer seem to implement the DRM restrictions around MP3 ringtones.A review of several recently purchased Vodafone K750i's do not have any restrictions.Since a lot of Whirlpool members are purchasing this phone, I thought it be a good idea to have a wiki entry to answer the most common questions and also so people don't have to wade through the 150+ pages that this topic has generated.

Feel free to add anything you think might be helpful to others. t=325224 – Part One (Closed now)/forum-replies.cfm? t=379961 – Part Two (Closed now)/forum-replies.cfm? t=429008 – Part Three (Closed now)/forum-replies.cfm? t=651585 – Part Four (Current Thread) &ver=4001&template=ps1_1&zone=ps&lm=ps1_1&pid=10242 • Differences between W800i and the K750i1.

Flight Mode – The W800i has an option available on startup which allows you to only use the media player on the phone.2.

The W800i retail package includes a 512 MB Memory Stick • Branding Phone branding can be determined by distinctive logos/themes that come default with the phone (Optus, Vodafone, Telstra).

• Customisation – Midp SSH, an SSH client. – Float's Mobile Agent – an alternative and superior phone editor and manager.

FJ Software Development's My Phone Explorer – Similar to FMA in that it can back up most of your data to your PC. Krusell have an excellent custom built leather case specifically for this phone.

It has openings for all slots and buttons such as camera, memory stick, on/off, etc.

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