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I have three siblings: two brothers and one sister. I was brought up with manners and raised to respect women. I am looking for a pen pal or possibly a relationship if the chemistry is right. If you are interested in talking over the phone, send me your phone number. I like to listen to hip hop and rap music, enjoy watching new movies in theaters. My plans for when I am released and off parole are to do some traveling and if I get into the right relationship, possibly have a child. NAME: SHAUN CORNISHINSTITUTION: NORTH FRASER PRETRIAL CENTREADDRESS: 1451 KINGSWAY AVENUE PORT COQUITLAM, BRITISH COLUMBIA V3C 1S2D. B: SEPTEMBER 5, 1988NAME: RYAN RICARDO RICHARDSINSTITUTION: MATSQUI PENITENTIARYADDRESS: 33344 KING ROAD P. The Canlii website list cases that I have won self represented against C. My life goal is to become a celebrated writer and poet.Things I dislike are disloyalty, lies, immaturity, lack of ambition, no respect for self or others, small minded, and no humor - gotta have humor! I like hanging out with my brothers and close friends, meeting new people. I am looking for an intelligent, ambitious, motivated, beautiful woman with a good out going personality that loves to laugh and will not try to change me much. I enjoy most sports but I'm not a face painting die hard. Long walks are ok but what makes them wonderful is the peaceful sound of the morning as the world around you starts to awaken and you are with someone you care about who also enjoys the peaceful start to the day. I have written 6 unpublished books of which I have received rave reviews including letters of support from some very established writers.

I really would just like a woman to give my love to and share all my time and attention with. (Special Handling Unit)ADDRESS: 246 MONTEE GAGNON STE-ANNE-DES-PLAINES, QUEBEC J0N 1HO ​D. So if you're cool with that or have any questions, feel free to write me. I find it easier to be around dogs and cats then most people. It's the baking that I love because of my sweet tooth. Hi there, ok so on the down side I'm 50 and I've been in prison for a quarter century. But I am a young 50 and my parole dates are coming up in the near future. Also, I enjoy and miss eating/cooking home cooked meals. I was a gang member for 15 years of my life and I've been out for the last 3. Family is very important to me and so are my friends. When I am out there I like to push the envelope and create my own style. I make great chicken fried rice and an awesome baked spaghetti! I like to workout on my free time or read books and play sports. I am as real as they get and I try to enjoy every moment of life. I'm an easy going guy guy with a good sense of humor. I have an interesting history for the 24 years I've been living.I'm looking for a mature woman preferably between the ages of 25 - 40 years of age. My name is Ty, I'm 30 years old, 5'10", 190 lbs with blue/green eyes and I'm doing a life sentence. I'm currently in school working on my grade 12 and trying my best to stay out of trouble. My likes in a woman are sexy, confident and funny with a little sassy side. I am a confident person that takes care of my image. I believe in making the best out of a negative situation. Now 30 I have watched myself grow and I've learned a lot from a few very good people behind these walls.I hope to meet you soon whoever you are and see where our new journey can take us. Yours truly, Kevin Perez NAME: RICHARD HEINOINSTITUTION: S. As a person, my friends would describe me as laid back, down to earth, attentive, affectionate and someone who likes everything from movies, reading, politics to wildlife, fast food and the outdoors.

If I was to sum myself up I would simply say that I'm someone who has a great appreciation for life and the world around me.

Who I'm hoping to meet by becoming a member of Canadian Inmates Connect Inc.

Someone who likes to have fun, have a good laugh with and one who's interested in a possible relationship. I'm covered in tattoos and enjoy working out and I love spending time with my son. I'm pretty laid back, down to earth and ready for whatever. Love it when a girl is in shape, especially a girl who's tatted up and in shape. One who loves the outdoors, tattoos and enjoys traveling. I can hold a conversation and have very solid values and beliefs. All the good I hold on to as I continue to improve.

The only dislikes I have are people who are liars and untrustworthy. Looking forward to meeting someone real who won't judge me for my past, has a sense of humour, is easy to talk to and who is also down to earth. If you have kids, that's fine, I'm great with kids. My common sense helps define me and is one of my greatest assets. I've recently started taking french in school and I look forward to learning and speaking french very soon!

I also like most sports, love watching movies, listening to music and reading. I would love to see the streets again but in the meantime I'm just taking it one day at a time. I'm looking for love, honesty, maturity, loyalty and a sense of humor from that special someone. I'm currently single, no children however, I really do want a family of my own and the thought of having kids is a blessing. As of late, I've grown more mature knowing what it takes to live a successful life, crime free and substance free. A lot of people try hard to impress with jacked up stories. I'm confident in me being me and my talk is my walk. I'm looking for a special girl to share my love and strength with. If you'd like, please provide a picture with your letter. B: NOVEMBER 30, 1981​​​​​​​​​CONVICTED OF: 2nd DEGREE MURDER (Life 10)EXPECTED RELEASE DATE: I am 4 years past my full parole date.

I've completed grade 12 and looking forward to continuing my schooling through college. Some of my hobbies are playing chess, basketball, writing lyrics, working out and reading novels. I'm looking to meet girls that are interested in writing or visiting me. ~Sincerely, Matt Johnston Hi, I'm Sheldon Contois, I'm 21 years old, 6' tall and 165 lbs. I have had only one love in my 21 years and that is the hustle game. If you would like to know more about me, please write. INTERESTED IN: CORRESPONDING WITH WOMEN ( I am also open to receiving letters and support from men but I am a heterosexual)Dear lost soul - mate; I am a Jamaican born Canadian citizen who has a passion for cooking, reading and the law. Unfortunately I am wrongfully convicted and have been a client of "Osgoode Hall's Innocence Project" since 2005.