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But as the camera comes back to them - clearly because the couple were providing so much half time entertainment - a pretty brunette sat on the man's left leans over and plants a huge smacker on his lips.Rather than push her away, the boyfriend takes the stranger in his arms as they put on the show the crowd were waiting for.

It's unclear exactly what game the couple was watching - but it's likely to be their last.A snubbed boyfriend cheated on his grumpy girlfriend with a hot stranger - live on kiss cam.As the camera picked out the warring couple in the crowd, the grumpy girlfriend was fuming after her boyfriend leaned in for a snog.But rather than just telling him to get lost, the girlfriend loses her temper and lands a huge slap right across her partner's cheek.He then tries to pacify her with a cuddly toy - which she throws into the crowd, before pouring a drink over his head.“Even when you’re miles away, keep an eye on your home, kids and mischievous pets in beautiful HD,” says its website, which noted that the $199 camera had motion-detection, night-vision for “a clear view in low‑light conditions,” and the ability to upload its recordings to the cloud.

Beyond revulsion at the idea of being secretly watched, Riley realized that the camera may have caught her doing all of those things we do when we think we are alone, including changing her clothes.

When Riley confronted Conor about the camera via text message, he claimed it had been there for a year and was broken.

Of course, there's every chance that this big performance was all a stunt - but it's entertaining nonetheless.

Marcella Riley, 29, was having a hard time last summer. In June, a friend named Conor —whom she’d met years earlier when they worked together at an Apple Store—offered the couch in his living room indefinitely. But a month into her couch tenancy, her gratitude turned to anger when she spotted a small black device taped to a bookshelf facing the couch.

from New York, the aspiring comedian wasn’t making enough money to pay rent, and so was surfing friends’ couches.

It was a camera made by Dropcam; the light that indicated when it was turned on had been covered with black electrical tape. Riley looked up the device online, and discovered that Dropcam, a start-up purchased by Google-owned Nest for $517 million last summer, made simple home surveillance systems.

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