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It’s how you can allow art to play an even larger role in your life.

Lithographs of high quality and low production numbers can offer you significant value. read more Commissions Commissioned pieces enable you to savor forever the essence of a memory. Find out what course or workshop series is right for you. You can transform a space with faux finishes and murals. Studio Art Instruction of Turning Bear Mason is where artists of all skill levels are offered the opportunity to grow and nurture their passion for art. Looking for classical realistic oil paintings or pencil drawings? Lithographs and Gicleé prints can offer you the brilliance of an original work. You can preserve memories for generations with custom framing. Here you can create new memories with pencil drawings and portraits, or delight someone with the ancient craft of scrimshaw. At Turning Bear Fine Art, you’ll discover opportunities to rekindle your love for art.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, collector or just beginning your love-affair with art, you’ll find what your thirsting for here at Turning Bear Fine Art.

Originals, LTD Prints and Gicleé on Canvas Original pieces of art are often what you desire.

But sometimes, it makes sense to stretch your budget.

Who wouldn’t want realism original oil that accurately depicts more than what meets the eye?

Turning Bear will work on a piece until you feel that his painting captures not only the subject, but the atmosphere and affection that surround it.

Turning Bear’s art pieces are better than you ever desired…read more Drawings/ Portraits Honor a special moment or person you love with a graphite drawing.

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