Rhian ramos and mo twister dating

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I’m hoping this is the last time I have to speak of this issue.

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Rhian Ramos responded (without referring to the alleged abortion) that DJ Mo Twister threatened her and tried to destroy her. Would you find them both at fault for this scandal or simply DJ Mo Twister? ”“I despised how easily a decision to terminate a pregnancy for a career can be made and she specifically told me, ‘what I’ve worked for in the past 5 years is the MOST important thing in my life.’ “I then rebutted with, ‘it should not be the most important thing in your life, because it is just a job.Take our poll below: Rhian Ramos: “Every time that I would try to break up, he would get really mad, or he’ll threaten me. As easily as an innocent baby can be sacrificed, which was so important to me, a persons job can also be easily taken away even though it’s the most important thing in someone’s life.“Uhm…I think the most painful time was when he outright told me that ‘I promise to take everything you love away from you.’ “Yun ba yung love? “If I were so threatening in the past and so abusive, then there should have not been any reason that after our brief break-up in April, that we would have sustained a relationship until October.”“I DID NOT upload the video that spoke of the abortion we went through.” Regarding his being out to destroy Rhian’s career: “To be honest, the only time I have been insulted throughout this recent ordeal was when I believe Atty.Gozon said in an interview that I am out to ruin Rhian’s career.yahoo.com/blogs/omgphnewsblog/rhian-ramos--mo-twister-exclusively-dating.html;_ylt=Ao LNgp GA7W75rxn8fo MSYtq. At this point, it’s become a matter of he-said-she-said between Rhian Ramos and DJ Mo Twister.

Since the scandal broke out, who among these two celebrities would you believe the most?

From the looks of it, most people do not believe Mo Twister’s claim that Rhian Ramos had an abortion in Singapore like the “alleged leaked video” claimed.

“And that this is all ‘ungentlemanly.’ “Perhaps he hasn’t lost innocent children.

As a parent, if that happens to him (knock on wood), I assume he won’t take it lightly and that career should not be the focus of any his statements—as ungentlemanly as that may sound.”I read your article posted regarding Rhian Ramos’ interview on 24 Oras.

I was hoping I can write this to you in order to give my side regarding your online entry.

I’m trying to put this past me and maybe this letter can help in doing that.

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