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Roleplay sex chat to read - Adult Chat Rooms

Because there’s no bloody point in me banging my ‘everyone’s different’ drum if the only ever sex you read about on this blog is mine.Today, Mimieux is going to talk about her penchant for Daddy/daughter role play, and why she finds older men compellingly hot.

Before you start I’m going to assure you that a) both people involved in their relationship are well over 18 and b) she is deeply excited about sharing her fantasy with you.Before we carry on, I think it’s important to say that I don’t want to fuck my actual father, and that I’m aware that a lot of sexual abuse of young girls (and sons too) happens at the hands of a father, or a father figure. Older guys have this thing that guys my own age (early 20s) don’t have.I am in no way condoning incest, just writing about my experiences of specific, safe, sane, roleplaying. They have experience, not just sexual experience, but also life experience. I love that there’s a natural element of care with this dynamic: more protective, more nurturing than some of the other dominant/submissive dynamics I’ve seen on the London fetish scene.I knew things were a bit off when I read Lolita, and not only did I enjoy it, but I felt aroused by it. I like the idea of discussing what’s worrying me with my partner, and getting a real, honest answer, something I don’t get with guys my own age. I’m not saying that these other dynamics aren’t caring, but they don’t hold the same allure for me as the Daddy idea does. And not all of you will like the same type of sex as today’s guest poster.As we’ve discussed before, the brilliant thing about fantasy is that it allows you to explore things that would horrify you if they were actually real.

I like to host things by people who have different opinions and perspectives to me.

This includes people who have jobs I don’t have, disagree with my opinions on foreplay or indulge in fantasies that aren’t specific turn-ons for me.

Please don’t read if this is the sort of thing that offends you, or if you have difficulty drawing a line between fantasy and reality.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve liked older, slightly twisted guys.

It started when I was very young, and I always identified with the villain in the Disney films.

I think it was something to do with the excellent songs they always had: seriously, go and listen to Be Prepared from The Lion King – what’s not to love? Jeremy Irons (who voices Scar, amongst other roles) is the perfect Daddy figure, in my eyes.

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