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But trust us, many women fell for them back then and many more can fall for them now. Write a Song If you happen to be musically inclined, please, do us a favor and write your lady a romantic love song.It doesn’t have to be ten minutes long, even just two minutes will do the job.

Your beautiful girlfriend would love to hear is something romantic coming out of your mouth, especially if you write it yourself. Write a Handwritten Letter We know how hard it is for you to communicate, well, for all men in general.What happened to the good old days where dates took place at a diner and people shared an oversized milkshake?What happened to the days when men were chivalrous and walked a woman to her front door?It seems to us that romantic gestures of love have vanished out the window.Our Beverly Hills matchmakers refuse to believe that a Facebook “poke” or a cyber “wink” is a romantic gesture. And the world has definitely changed so much over the years, so much so that many men have forgotten how to be romantic.When a woman asks you if you love her, it would be nice if you could show her you do with a handwritten love letter.

Trust us, this is one of the most romantic things you can do for her.

Just a few lines telling her what she means to you and how much you value her will be enough.

No one is saying that you need to become the next Prince Charming and show up on a white horse.

All we’re asking is for you to be a little more romantic and chivalrous with your dates.

Beverly Hills Matchmakers – Bringing the Romance Back in a Modern World Even in today’s modern world, it is not impossible to bring a little romance back into the equation.

Our seasoned matchmakers from Los Angeles Singles Dating Service have some of the most fantastic and romantic gestures you can use (yes, from the old school days).