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Your One Rep Max (1 RM) will appear at the bottom left, and your various percentages of 1 RM will appear on the right side.Here is what Mike said about his experimentation with RPT, "I increased every single exercise at least 20 pounds per workout until I finally had improved by 66 percent on each one.

Start by taking your three-rep-max on an exercise and do sets of one with one-minute breaks.Is single rep training the ultimate training protocol for getting bigger and stronger? Lets take a look at some different ways in which single rep training has been applied effectively and get into how to incorporate single rep work into your training regimen.I learned about the benefits of "Rest Pause Training (RPT)" from Mike Mentzer several years ago. Take your one rep max on an exercise and do several reps with 10-15 second breaks in between each rep.Once you can no longer lift a weight in proper form, reduce the weight by 10% to continue each rep.Instructions: Enter the amount of weight you lifted (Lbs/Kg) and the number of reps you completed. Charles Poliquin, Mike Mentzer, Brooks Kubik, and Steve Justa.

Besides all being involved in the fitness community and being exceptionally strong, all of these men understand the power of single rep training with heavy weights.

Contrary to popular opinion, when executed properly heavy single rep training is a very effective way to get bigger and stronger. How many people do you see with skinny arms that can bench press 400 lbs and deadlift 500 lbs? People that have impressive maximum lifts did not get there by spending a lot of time doing high reps with light weights. There are tons of bodybuilders that are proof of that.

However, why would you want to when you can have it all? Nevertheless, when executed properly single rep training is a very effective way to get stronger and bigger.

Once you can do five singles with one-minute breaks, decrease the breaks to forty-five seconds.

Once you can do five singles with the compressed breaks, decrease it again to thirty seconds. Once you have gotten down to fifteen-second breaks, increase the weight by 5% and start over with one-minute breaks.

By cycling the intensity you will be able to stay with RPT training for longer periods and avoid over-training.

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