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Rush Hour 4 is an action, comedy, drama and crime movie. He also told that there will be introduced of 2 new characters.Jackie Chan has said in an interview that; This comment was given by Jackie Chan on 15 August 2014.

Another lead actor of this movie, Chris Tucker, has also talked related to this movie and gave hint for Rush hour 4, he said that, There is rumored that movie will be directed by the director Brett Ratner, who directs all parts of this movie series.So, there is a chance that they might start working on this movie from the mid of 2016.If it is true, then we might see Rush Hour 4 in the cinema halls till the end of 2017. This movie series moves around two cop, Lee and Carter both are from different country and come together for a case and becomes best friend. There is a TV series is developing on this theme, with the title Rush Hour. Let’s see how much time Harish is an imaginative and creative guy, who believes that this world could do better without love stories.He is a self-proclaimed fan of Salman Khan and believes that one man can make a difference in the world.But, in an interview he said that he is not interested to do this movie.This is sad news for audience, but producer want him to direct.

So, if he will change his mind, then don’t feel strange.

I’m the biggest fan of this movie series and want that producer will complete it very fast.

As we all know that Jackie Chan always creates best action and comedy movies. Rush Hour is known for the best chemistry of Jackie Chan with Hollywood actor Chris Tucker.

After watching their due audience couldn’t help laughing, because they looked very funny and deadly in this movie franchise.

The action of Jackie Chan and comedy of Chris tucker is unforgettable.

This movie series make millions of fans and now fans are waiting for the 4 part of this franchise. Sarkissian wants to make its next part, for this he contact with Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker.

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