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Sacred singles speed dating video - Free Online

Shortly after she married Eyal, they began hosting Friday night dinners in their Johannesburg home for up to 50 singles.

As the owner of a wildly successful events company, Casey had all the know-how of arranging fabulous events and was intent for her speed dating to be just that.This Item Modifier is also available on regular items that can be purchased at vendors as yellow modifier (that requires no skill).Purchased regular items which can have Run Speed upon them include armor, weapons and jewelry.Casey Shevel Casey Shevel was the last of her friends to get married.When she finally met Eyal at the age of 30, she had been in the dating scene for years and absolutely hated it.She has one aim: to create a space for Jewish singles to meet and mingle in a relaxed environment, and thus promote Jews marrying Jews.

She has successfully managed to remove the stigma of going to such events by making her events beautiful, stylish and fun.

Her artistic flair and welcoming nature has made her events the trendiest place to be for singles of all ages and any affiliation.

A mother of three lively little boys, Casey is passionate about Casey’s Shmingles and works round the clock setting up the events.

With over 700 singles connected, tens of relationships started and 9 successful matches to date, Casey has some valuable advice for those navigating the turbulent dating waters: It is essential for people in dating to know where they are headed in life.

Dating is not about finding the best-looking person in a crowd.

It’s about choosing someone who can become your life partner and can grow with.