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I'm curious what shops guys have found good quality condoms in?

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) Jesus, some skanky version of an adult bookstores aren't they? You may find you're going to get roasted with your first post being a question! I'll be rambling here (pardon the lack of coherency).Suggest you do bit of research on these pages first, like we all did, and you'll find all the information you need, and some. I'm from the subcontinent, and therefore fit neither the Caucasian profile nor the Viet-kieu profile. However, I've had decent luck scoring freebies off We Chat and Tinder, as and when I was willing to put in the time investment.The equality bit definitely is the big draw for girls anywhere, but what I can make out from my interaction with my Viet colleagues in my office, the relationships they're in are all "equal".However, my colleagues are all in their twenties and quite influenced by the the equality school of thought.I do hear of inequality and mistreatment from my tinder buddy (she tells me stories about her friends and their husbands), however I haven't seen anything like that personally.Karaoke on Nam Ky Khoi Nghia street, about 50 girls to choose from. Its strange to do karaoke as a single man, should be done in groups, party style then each guy takes his girl out. Both are quite attractive, not too white, not too brown (doesn't matter to me really, actually I prefer browner girls). Met one on Vn cupid and the other on we chat (see my previous posts in VN sections).

So, its not always money (P4 P is fun, but with these girls, no need to look elsewhere). They also prefer Viet-kieu (Vietnamese who lives in western countries) for the same reasons, that is we treat them a lot better than the local Vietnamese men.

I grew up in the USA and thus my attitude is that being equal just a lot more fun.

As for the amount of gender equality, I see a much greater level of gender equality in VN as compared to back home in the subcontinent (which probably is one of the worst in discrimination of any type, more like all types, in all 200+ odd countries in the world, including Saudi).

So it's I agree that it's all about the attitude and not how you look. My Korean friends love to do this, but not my style.

By looks I mean the skin and features, not the clothes and accessories. The girl said she would meet me short time outside of work before 7 pm, again $100 non negotiable. My own experience in my many trips and time spent in VN is quite different.

Clothes do make the man, which is why I dress really shabbily, to pleasantly surprise people when I talk. Vietnamese men not allowed because they hassle about price. 3 men price $150 for 3 girls and drink set plus singing room. I have a 24 year old sweetie in Haiphong and 28 year old in HCMC.

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