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Proper names of persons, peoples, and places, not written with due care, were likely to be in many cases mis-spelled by the printers.Thus, believing that there were many defects which, though not diminishing the values of the extracts as pieces of evidence, rendered them inexact, I desired that while the references to them were furnished, comparisons of them with the originals should be made. Tedder with scrupulous care; so that his corrections have extended even to additions and omissions of commas.

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I, placed in my hands, there were 2,192 references to the 379 works quoted. This volume covers the scope and methodology of sociology, the nature of society, and domestic institutions such as the family, women, and children. This material is put online to further the educational goals of Liberty Fund, Inc. I, several improvements of importance have been made.Unless otherwise stated in the Copyright Information section above, this material may be used freely for educational and academic purposes. The text has been revised; references to the works quoted and cited have been supplied; the appendices have been enlarged; and the work has now an index.Each chapter has been carefully gone through for the purpose of removing defects of expression and with a view to condensation.By erasing superfluous words and phrases, I have reduced the text to the extent of forty pages, notwithstanding the incorporation here and there of a further illustration.This abridgment, however, has not diminished the bulk of the volume; since the additions above named occupy much more space than has been gained.

In the preface to the first edition, I explained how it happened that the reader was provided with no adequate means of verifying any of the multitudinous statements quoted; and with the explanation I joined the expression of a hope that I might eventually remove the defect.

By great labour the defect has now been removed—almost though not absolutely. Smith, since deceased, to furnish references; and with the aid of the where this availed, and where it did not by going to the works of the authors quoted, he succeeded in finding the great majority of the passages. Two years since I arranged with a skilled bibliographer, Mr. Tedder discovered the greater part of the passages to which references had not been supplied. The supplying of references was not, however, the sole purpose to be achieved. The from which numerous quotations were made, had passed through stages each of which gave occasion for errors.

Some years ago I engaged a gentleman who had been with me as secretary, Mr. Tedder, the librarian of the Athenæum Club, to go through afresh all the quotations, and to supply the missing references while checking the references Mr. The number of those which continued undiscovered was reduced by a third search, aided by clues contained in the original MS., and by information I was able to give. In the extracts as copied by the compilers, mistakes, literal and verbal, were certain to be not uncommon.

In the new edition there are about 2,500 references to 455 works.

All of these references, with the exception of about 45, have been compared with the originals.

In the course of verification I have corrected numerous trifling errors.

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