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With your knees [on] either side of her body and your butt gently resting on her pelvic area. She is a disembodied voice with a velvety British accent speaking through a digital product called Blindfold.Ray said the three core topics couples argue about have traditionally been sex, money and in-laws. “Leave them out of the bedroom.” Should you avoid products like Blindfold altogether? “Technology could be the catalyst for something really good,” Ray said. But don’t let your phone be present when Can the use of technology to get “turned on” desensitize us to human stimuli? “You’re not going to be involving all of your senses, you’re going to be taking away what you have to offer by trying to perform.” For example, she said psychological erectile dysfunction is often tied to watching porn. Think about when you fell in love and how that felt for you both.” Advice for a couple about to be intimate with each other for the first time: “Be yourself. What kinds of issues in the bedroom are millennials facing? The use of “technology, smartphones, social media,” Ray said. In relationships there does need to be transparency for connection and for long-term stability.” Advice for a couple whose intimate life is getting stale: “Communicate openly, honestly … Morgan Ray, a sex therapist in Charlotte, seeks to raise “sex-esteem,” or sexual self-esteem.She took a look at Blindfold (you can too; listen to a sampling of the episodes, like “Trace & Spank” and “10 Minutes of Tenderness.”) Ray said she initially thought the product was ridiculous.

But she aligns with the intentions of Blindfold founder Darren Smith.

“They are good intentions,” Ray said, promoting “open communications and dialogue and exploration.” But be cautious when letting technology become part of a relationship.

You’re just listening to your “digital foreplay assistant.” Your “Siri for sex.” Her name is Angeline.

The i Phone app is in development for Blindfold, which provides suggestions for sexual adventures and foreplay moves.

For now, audio tracks can stream through a computer or your phone through the Gumroad app or i Tunes.

From AOL Instant Messenger kissing emojis, to sexting, to smartphone dating apps, to a foreplay audio stream — technology has become intertwined with intimacy.

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