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“The blame belongs to the old government [UNM], which began making such tapes, and also to the new government [the Georgian Dream], which failed to protect the public from the spreading of these tapes, and itself also is engaged in doing the same,” Alasania charged.

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Dubbed moral terror, the latest installment of Georgia’s “sex Wikileaks,” online sex-videos that target prominent public figures, has created a sense among many Georgians of living in an Orwellian reality, where ubiquitous secret cameras record the most intimate moments of citizens’ private lives. Who runs the control room in this perceived dystopia is open to debate.“Everything you do in your bedroom can be used against you,” some Georgians joked in online debates after the latest recordings appeared on You Tube on March 11 and 14. It is believed the security police possess a vast collection of sex-tapes, but the two videos posted since March 11 have targeted members of both the government and opposition.The public consensus, though, clearly is that this latest video campaign was coordinated at a higher level.That puts extra pressure on the government, particularly in a parliamentary election year, to show its investigation is unbiased and thorough.It has asked for the FBI’s assistance in tracing the origin of the videos.So far, five individuals have been arrested for alleged involvement in the scandal; one, Nikoloz Khachapuridze, is a Saakashvili-era employee of the interior ministry’s secret-police branch, the Constitutional Security Department.

Another, Zurab Jamalashvili, is the father of a former employee of that same service, Vitali Jamalashvili, who came to prominence after supposedly hacking into Ivanishvili’s personal computer during the 2012 parliamentary campaign.

(A 2013 Eurasia investigation found that the interior ministry allegedly offered to rehire Jamalashvili after the Georgian Dream took over the government.

The ministry declined to comment.) Along with those detained, much of the public attention about the scandal has focused on the pro-Western, opposition Free Democrats Party, headed by 42-year-old ex-Defense Minister Irakli Alasania.

The group is shaping up to be an alternative to the ruling Georgian Dream coalition and the country’s largest opposition party, the United National Movement, in this year’s parliamentary vote.

Two members of Alasania’s party have been depicted in the videos, one of which threatened that Alasania himself was coming up next.

In March 15 comments on a TV talk show broadcast by the UNM-friendly Rustavi2, the ex-minister blamed both the Georgian Dream and the United National Movement, its predecessor under ex-President Mikheil Saakashvili, for secretly filming the private lives of high-profile citizens to ensure their loyalty.