Shrewsbury dating

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Shrewsbury dating - Online sex

Now if you have got to this point without throwing up or being bored, give yourself a wry smile and send a quick note!

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I am looking for a sophisticated, honest, sincere, girly girl, makeup/nails and hair type, and yes I do realise the Jimmy Choo ing effort it takes to shop at ronit zilkhas and look fab!I Hope the above was somewhat interesting, if im not for you, best wishes finding what your looking for..7 billion people in the world and rising they are out there!If you do like what you see, jump in the waters lovely and warm!Welcome to the leading online dating and singles website in Shrewsbury for from scuba Diving to motorcycles, horses to the theater.Resturants, pubs, clubs, tennis, swimming, golf, infact will have a go at anything, well at least once!

I am sincere and am looking to find someone who's life I make complete!

As you never know where you might come upon such an individual Tescos or nightclubs, I will happily try any avenue, so here we are!


So things I do, FOOTBALL watching it (though in my day...), MUSIC playing it, I have a CD out now! NIGHT LIFE living it, have had many wonderful nights staggering around bars/nightclubs, thinking I am totally cool, suave and sophisticated, with toilet paper stuck to my shoe and half a Tanquray on my shirt.

I don't want to totally give up the idea my youth is behind me, but a night at a nice resturant, fine wine and lovely company would fit quite well just now!

FLYING...the pilot, I have both a helicopter and a fix wing licence, which makes me very odd, apparently!