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Slave chat bot - Free Online

Nonetheless, it is hugely embarrassing for the company.In one highly publicized tweet, which has since been deleted, Tay said: "bush did 9/11 and Hitler would have done a better job than the monkey we have now.

Microsoft's new AI chatbot went off the rails Wednesday, posting a deluge of incredibly racist messages in response to questions.The tech company introduced "Tay" this week — a bot that responds to users' queries and emulates the casual, jokey speech patterns of a stereotypical millennial.The aim was to "experiment with and conduct research on conversational understanding," with Tay able to learn from "her" conversations and get progressively "smarter." But Tay proved a smash hit with racists, trolls, and online troublemakers, who persuaded Tay to blithely use racial slurs, defend white-supremacist propaganda, and even outright call for genocide.Microsoft has now taken Tay offline for "upgrades," and it is deleting some of the worst tweets — though many still remain.It's important to note that Tay's racism is not a product of Microsoft or of Tay itself.Tay is simply a piece of software that is trying to learn how humans talk in a conversation.

Tay doesn't even know it exists, or what racism is.

The reason it spouted garbage is that racist humans on Twitter quickly spotted a vulnerability — that Tay didn't understand what it was talking about — and exploited it.

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When talking to Mei Wong in Rivet City, you can find out she is an escaped slave and therefore scared of Sister, a slaver who is hunting a rogue android.

While Mei's fears are unfounded and Sister isn't particularly interested to learn she's a former slave, it's still possible to make her overreact and kill herself.

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