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Sex toys are great, but they still can't compare to skin-on-skin contact.That may be about to change-kind of-thanks to a new generation of internet-enabled playthings that fall under the awesomely-named umbrella of A new company called Kiiroo, wants to break into the e-pleasure biz with a hardware-meets-social-media combo. For the ladies, there's OPue, a vibrating dildo equipped with sensors that remotely stimulate.

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Apparently, these will also sync up to the action in adult films, picking up where the now-defunct Real Touch left off-at least for the fellas. Female anatomy might be more complex to navigate, but if the tech is there to send the signals, and it's a shame they didn't figure out a way to make the feelings mutual.You want to be able to stand out on here, and with a paid membership, that’s going to happen with little to no effort as far as we can tell.We were really excited about sinking our teeth into our Social Sex review, and that’s because this site really went the whole way in giving us what we wanted.It didn’t matter if we searched in Las Vegas or Miami, we were able to find a lot of gorgeous women that really did want to speak with us over the three months that we stuck around on this site.This site might be all about getting laid, but that doesn’t make it any less classy; women are going to feel comfortable joining this site, and that’s extremely important on our end of the spectrum.While we were using Social Sex, we found ourselves extremely pleased with the layout of the site, and how easy it was to get around on here.

This site makes a point of making it seamless for newbies to sign up, and for you to find your way around on her.

Getting a subscription is paramount to success here, as you’ll have full access to a number of very solid, very easy to use features.

In addition to the devices, Kiiroo is building a social media platform "where you can share content to your heart's desire." The promo vid describes this as a "chat, laugh, flirt" kind of thing-and Kiiroo's founder even hopes to partner with Second Life to increase engagement in these digital connections and one-handed typing sessions. Is it cutting edge, exciting, creepy, or all of the above?

And most importantly: Would you be into using these tools?

With Social, you’re going to immediately going to end up seeing some excellence.

This is a site that really stands out in terms of having a very usable layout, and that’s something that we personally really appreciate when it comes to an online hookup site.