Sophos updating policy username password

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Sophos updating policy username password - Adult Chat Rooms

So you can’t login to the Sophos UTM Web Admin interface anymore. Perhaps you’ve made a configuration change and locked yourself out, or perhaps you’ve just forgotten your password.I locked myself out a couple of times when playing around with the new 2 Factor Authentication feature in the Sophos UTM 9.2 Beta.

You’ll first need a direct console into Sophos UTM.You are advised to download the file whilst on campus and copy the file to a CD or other storage media and install from that once at home.If the network is connected and available when you log in to the computer, Sophos will do an update immediately after logging in.This would be the case with reading Connect or with a computer that is on broadband.Supercharge your reporting ability and get those pesky ad-hoc reporting tasks off your desk!Note: This does not include the PCs of non-staff and non-students in the same property (e.g. The software must be removed from your PC if you leave the employ of the University or when the site licence expires (currently 9th December 2015), whichever comes first.

The file can take several minutes to download on a broadband connection.

It will take a lot longer to download over a modem (hours).

For hardware appliances, plug in a monitor and keyboard, or for Virtual Appliances open up your virtualization system’s management console for the Virtual Machine.

You can also checkout Sophos’ own guide on how to Recover access to your Sophos UTM in the event of password loss.

I hope this helps anyone else out there that has locked them selves out of their Sophos UTM box!

Shameless plug: Now that you’re logged in, why not make your life easier and setup Fastvue Sophos Reporter.

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