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Speed dating cards esl - Free Online

Do as you'd like pm - 9pm : Speed/mini dates & collecting of "impression cards" 9pm - pm : Free time round 1 pm - pm : Handing out of "impression cards" &collecting of "coupling cards" pm - pm : Free time round 2 pm - 10pm : Announcing of couples :) Joining fee : ¥1 500 that includes - a dating card pack - in English/英語 & 日本語/Japanese.

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Notes : - No under 20's - Mainly members in their 20's & 30's are expected to join - A strong attempt will be made to try get an equal # of ladies & gentlemen.With this being valentines day weekend we thought it's an extra good time to find a special partner.After doing lots of research we've come up with a format that fits the scene in Japan - it's sure to result in a high percentage of couples. Kaiteki is less than 200 meters from exit A5 pm - pm : Get a drink & preparation time.The format is easy to follow with professional type "dating cards" to make your experience more fun & interesting and so increase the chance of you finding your special someone. Kaiteki has a large variety of drinks including alcohol, soft drinks & tea/coffee.More good reasons to join; - a structure that facilitates you having around twenty five +-3 minute mini dates - after the mini dates speak to someone you have a good impression of & would like to get to know better in the "free session" - the venue is spacious, comfortable & has a very nice ambience - The location; Otemachi is very central Tokyo - We'll have our own private space; only Meetup members will be able to enter this non-smoking section of the venue A breakdown of the event : pm - pm : Meetup time. Drinks are ¥500 the whole event pm - pm : Speed/mini dates pm - pm : Break.We'll let members jump the waiting list - if one begins - to try get as good a balance as possible - It's a non smoking event; there's a smoking area near our section - If you're on the waiting list - if one starts - please rather join us another time.

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We can do affordable Tokyo activities while doing language & culture exchange. We will do activities such as social gatherings, picnics, ethnic restaurant meetups, Karaoke, Language exchange, Culture exchange, cooking parties, day trips, outdoor events, BBQs, Japanese cultural events, Volunteer opportunities, Live music, Dancing, Art events, and other related things!

彼らが日本にいる間に本当の友人との接続をしようとする人々へのこの東京エリアグループ。言語と文化交流をしている間、私たちは手頃な価格の東京の活動を行うことができます。みんなで楽しい&素晴らしいコミュニティを作ろう!我々はこのような社会的な集まり、ピクニック、エスニックレストランのミートアップ、カラオケ、語学、文化交流、クッキングパーティー、日帰り旅行、屋外イベント、バーベキュー、日本の文化イベント、ボランティアの機会、ライブ音楽、ダンス、アートイベント、などの活動を行います他の関連するもの! Event Host or Organizer Policy: 1 - Do NOT contact Your Meetup Group Leader, Oscar Arias with demands or asking for special favors if your Event is unpopular or not attractive to OUR members.

2 - Do NOT appoint other Members as Event Hosts & then "Leave" the Event.

3 - DO not post an Event if you ARE a part of a Business, or if it is your Job, or Charity Event WITHOUT notifying Your Meetup Group Leader, Oscar Arias, first.

4 - Do NOT post Multiple Events for the Same calendar date at the Same time on the same group!