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Speed dating christchurch event - Online sex

It’s like fishing in a small pond.” After running speed dating events at St Mary’s Church in Poole, she was asked by the New Wine organisers to take over their dating event.

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“When I met my husband, the bell rang before we got to each other,” she added.“Some people want to meet someone who’s a Christian and other Christians don’t mind so much.“I didn’t want to go to church my whole life on my own and have a completely separate group of friends in church than outside,” she said.Dating tickets for the February 14 event cost £10, but £5 non-dating tickets are available for those accompanying friends or wanting a relaxed evening out.“Tom asked me if he could come and chat to me afterwards.“It’s really important to have time at the end to chat to people and hang out and have a good time so the whole thing is not about the dating.” Lizzie, 34, said she and Tom, 31, had hit it off quickly when they met nine years ago.

“We got on so well and fell in love quite quickly and got engaged about 10 months later.

“We just knew, I think.” She said meeting people with similar beliefs was important for many Christians and it was often difficult to meet new people at church.

A SPEED dating group for Christians is coming to a Bournemouth church on Valentine’s Day.

Rendezvous is run by Lizzie Redman, who met her husband Tom through a similar event.

“I met my husband speed-dating at a big Christian conference called New Wine,” she said.

“I have a lot of Christian friends who would like to meet somebody who’s a Christian.