Speed dating game online for kids

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Speed dating game online for kids - Adult Chat Rooms

Speed Dating Makeover Online game is available on our site for free.

Editors reserve the right to delete any comments that do not meet these requirements, and with regular or gross neglect of rules - to block user access to the portal.Editors do not comment on their actions and not discuss them with users.Input your name and age and pick the gender you want to play as then enter into a world of speed dating.If you fail to answer promptly your partner will leave you. It starts easy - just type correctly the letters J and F. If you type accurately long enough, you can advance to higher levels and unlock new letters which are worth more.Your job is to get rid of the blimps by typing the words that appear on them.

After a wave of blimps, small hot air balloons will appear as well, type the letter that appear on each one of them.

If you are doing well, the "Zapper" bar will get full, and you could use the spacebar to "Zap" away all blimps and balloons currently on the screen.

To make it fun and challenging, you can buy animals to help you, every animal has its unique powers and abilities.

This game enables the student to practice typing of single letters, in a relatively non pressuring environment.

The letters to type are bold and easily seen, the student can practice with almost no distractions around, making it also fit to be used with formal and special education as well.

This is an arcade style game, in which you control an airplane.