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Sour fish curry is its most popular one, and is beloved as both a lowbrow and high-class dish.

If you’re thrown off by the name, remember how random “fish taco” sounds as a culinary pairing, then think back to the five you scarfed down in a single sitting last night.We don’t really reach critical mass anywhere in America.” To guide you through this vegan-friendly, seafood-heavy food genre, we compiled this list of Sri Lankan classics. The most basic and common of Sri Lankan curries, this staple dish consists primarily of lentils, tomato paste, cumin, and other spices.Like most recipes hailing from the island, it uses coconut milk in lieu of dairy milk -- something that most starkly differentiates this cuisine from Indian.While emulsifying ingredients into a creamy whole, the coconut base eschews the excessive richness that cow’s milk might add to a dish, and gives you an excuse for thirds.Sri Lanka is an island southeast of India, and as such, its cuisine consists of many variations on seafood.It’s about time Sri Lankan ("Shree-Lun-kan") cuisine developed a reputation independent of its more assimilated neighbor India's.

As spicy as Thai food, but light like Mediterranean, Sri Lankan food is delicious, if not a bit unfamiliar to the average American.

As one of my friends explained, “Sri Lanka is only about the size of West Virginia.

We’re kind of a tiny, random-ass island, and an emerging market.

Everything tastes better fried, and eggplant moju is no exception.

Consisting of onions, chilies, sugar, mustard seeds, and vinegar, this classic eggplant dish is made by deep-frying eggplant strips and mixing them with all the aforementioned ingredients.

The result is a tongue-enveloping sweet umami flavor that will encourage you to turn this side dish into a main. If you want proof, you’ll find it in this light salad that combines shredded kale, scraped coconut (pulpy coconut bits), onion, chilies, turmeric powder, and salt.