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Committing to the church doesn’t tie one down, rather it anchors one through the storms of life. It’s flaws provide us with an opportunity to love, serve, practice patience, and grow more like our Savior. After all, if Jesus loves the church, shouldn’t we?Listen friends, don’t allow yourself to use the excuse that the church is too messed up to commit to it.

As with many publishers it can be difficult to date an Altemus book. If you keep in mind several points, it can be made a bit easier. Altemus published books for reading (non-Bibles from 1889-1933) 2. Thus books which have Henry Altemus Company on the title page were printed after 1899. Henry Altemus Company frequently left the earliest publishing date on the title page. Those Alice in Wonderland, Kipling, Doyle, Dickens etc. Thus a 1904 title page with Peter Rabbit appears on all of the later reprints. The earliest Peter Rabbit has half vellum and an oval with a picture on the front cover. Also I can give you an estimate of the Altemus book's value. Look up your book in the index for specific information. Email me and I will be happy to tell you about the book you have or are considering bidding on.

Look at the title page to see if it says Henry Altemus Company or not (post 1900 if it does).

The Alice in Wonderland books most often seen are later reprints.

Stop Dating The Church by Steve Higginbotham May 21, 2009 I recently read a book by Joshua Harris by the above title.

In this book Harris affirmed that there are many people who “date”the church, but who are unwilling to fall in love with and be committed to the church. How many people do you know who are “believers”but they’re not “belongers.” They believe in Jesus, but don’t want to be tied down.

They “date”the church, but want to remain independent and free of commitment and responsibility.

Friends, instead of seeing the church for all its flaws and foibles, why not see it as the wisdom of God (Ephesians 3:9-11), and the beautiful bride of Christ (Ephesians -32).