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Rather than sticking to the same type of fish each time, try experimenting with different types.

It was even Prince William's request for the royal wedding. But metaphorically, as a source of nutrition, it's hard to find a better food with as good a nutritional profile as eggs. Protein, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, versatility,... Beeftro, a steak house with a French twist, opened just over a year ago in Dundrum Town Centre.They don't need an armoury of different pots and pans in the kitchen.A medium-sized wok will make most meals in a household, and it is...The importance of rice to some cultures is almost impossible to overstate.Table Talk Have you ever found yourself reaching for a handy little pack of fruit salad and wondered momentarily what kind of mark-up you're being charged for the convenience of someone else chopping the fruit into bite-sized pieces? Or chopping your root veg, or rolling your meatballs?For an island nation, we eat surprisingly little fish.

Many of us order fish when eating out, but never think to cook it at home.

That's a pity, because fish dishes can be healthy, simple to prepare and good value.

Some fans go the whole hog and do several tiers of chocolate biscuit cake, all wrapped in snowy icing or a delicious chocolate ganache poured on top. Describing itself as a purveyor of viandes de qualite, the idea started originally in Monaco and now has branches from Mexico to Moscow. In 1965, the American novelist Arthur Hailey wrote a blockbuster called Hotel, which went on to be a movie and subsequently a TV series.

With a changing colourful 'cast' coming through their doors every day, hotels can provide the ultimate backdrop for a book.

RTÉ drama Love/Hate has taught me a lot of things down through the years.

Borrowing wads of hundred quid notes from men who travel around Dublin surrounded by burly henchmen, for example, is probably not advisable. Across Asia, cooks use woks for deep frying, steaming, making sauces and cooking noodles.

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