Taiwan women dating foreigners

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Taiwan women dating foreigners - Sex Chat

She would complain that none of the foreign guys wanted to date her. I just want to remind all of you who complain about intercultural dating in Taiwan, it does go both ways.

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As a guy who does well both in America and in Asia, I feel a little annoyed by these complaints.To the angry posters I ask, who else we are going to date in Taiwan. Number one, that is like going to Italy and eating Mc Donalds.Seriously, most of the foreign women in Taiwan either came with a boyfriend or are really not worth looking at.Number two, most are so bitter that the foreign guys are dating Asian women that they can’t talk about anything else. I know there are a great many wonderful foreign women in Taiwan who are both beautiful and don’t complain all the time.By xiao long There are definitely some weird issues about being a white guy in Taiwan or anywhere in Asia for that matter.Having lived in Asia for 3 years, I can’t count the number of times I was shocked to see ordinary white guys with exceptionally beautiful Asian girlfriends.

These girls, in general, treat their boyfriends really well.

The treatment is very different from how most western women treat their men. Recently, I am seeing many people posting complaints about this phenomenon.

It just seems that so many love to go on and on about this particular situation in Taiwan. This young surgeon cooked and may even cleaned for her.

I had a female coworker, from Canada, who is an excellent example of what I am talking about. So now the spokesperson for the Angry Unattractive Foreign Women Association of Taiwan (AUFWAOT), who loved to remind every foreign guy that he could not have the same girlfriend in his home country, is with a guy who she could not dream of back in Canada.

She would bitch about the foreign guys and their beautiful Taiwanese girlfriends continuously. Do you think any of the foreign guys cared that she was with a guy she could never have in her own country?

She would whine about how the Taiwanese women would treat us. Did anyone post on the internet, how dare she date a Taiwanese guy much less one so far out of her league?