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While the chest tattoo is a black and grey design, the tattoo that was added right below it is of a vibrantly red heart that has a barbed wire wrapped around it.

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The names are written in black ink and in a cursive style font, and they read Danielle and Debbie.These are the names of his daughter and wife, respectively.Many people choose to get tattoos of animals that they feel connected to, and Danny is clearly no exception to this rule.A peacock design is found on Danny’s left forearm, and this animal typically symbolises fidelity and purity of heart, so it might represent his love for his wife.Danny usually plays the tough guy in his roles as an actor, and he has plenty of tattoos that show off the fact that he’s also pretty tough in real life too.Continue reading to learn about Danny’s tattoos and their various meanings.

Danny Trejo has a massive tattoo on his chest that also extends down to his stomach.

The tattoo on Danny’s chest is of a woman who’s wearing a sombrero.

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