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Monday, August 15, 2016 Although we are well into the digital era, traditional AM/FM radio still delivers the goods more effectively than any other media platform.That's according to the latest media consumption study just concluded by .

79% spent at least an hour in the previous week listening to some form of on-line radio (on demand: Spotify, You Tube, etc.), Pure Play (digital sites like Pandora and digital audio simulcasts associated with traditional radio). This study was done for an advertising alliance of 15 ad agencies interested in finding two data points: For automotive, traditional radio had the highest effectiveness rating by the alliance with an average rating of 9.1.Quick-serve restaurant advertising received the highest rating by the alliance with 6.4 average rating.Advertising effectiveness rating by platform finds that Traditional Radio's strength is in the following categories: Automotive, Restaurants, Telephone Service, Auto Dealerships, Department Stores.Streaming's advertising effectiveness can be found in: Auto Dealerships, Quick-Serve Restaurants, Automotive and Auto Insurance.Podcasting's strengths are: Quick-serve Restaurants, Motion Picture and Direct Response...Combined, these 3 audio platforms provide a blueprint for ad buyers.

Knowing which platform is most effective at consumer response allows an ad buy to be constructed that focuses on each platform's strengths... ⦁ Since we all change our look (style of clothes, hair, etc.) through the years why can't singers from the 60s and 70s do the same thing?

⦁ No media platform delivers sales as well as AM/FM does... In addition to play-by-play coverage, Olympic updates will be presented 3X an hour (24/7) August 5 - August 21. segments for 17 consecutive nights from August 5 - August 21.

⦁ Clickbait sounds like a smarmy catch phrase to me... ⦁ While swimmers in the Olympics who use cupping therapy on their backs think this is a new process, it's not. Tonight in Rio will feature a nightly mix of live play-by-play action, plus results and recaps from the earlier events of the day, as well as exclusive interviews from all the significant events and venues...

⦁ Jack Osbourne seems to be the most sensible of all the Osbourne's... The estimated TV audience for the 2016 Olympics is about 200 million and while the estimated radio audience will be lucky to hit a quarter of that size, it's still an alternative for being stuck in a car with no TV to watch.

⦁ The more we know about ISIS the better off we are. ⦁ Rudy Giuliani was once a good NYC mayor and well respected. Whether you'll be watching or listening to the games, either way it's still a welcome relief from this nauseating presidential race...

I like the idea of Bradley Cooper doing an HBO mini-series about this scourge... latest trends (May 2016) find Millennials out-listening all other demographics.

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